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Damien Vyrce was born to parents that didn’t want or need him. They had all the children they needed to carry on their legacy. In private they treated him as a parasite and burden to the family, but they could not be seen as anything but proper and respectable parents. So when he came of age he was sent to a very private, very exclusive military school. The school ran year round and there were no breaks to see the family as it would disrupt discipline and moral. With the boy gone the parents got their wish of being rid of him without losing any face.
Growing up at the academy the boy learned the finer arts of military life and structure. He received the standard education that the rest of the country receives as well as weapons training, tactics and strategic command training, and sere training. He never seemed to get along with other students in the school. It wasn’t a case of he didn’t like them he just didn’t understand them. He was trained by his family and then the school to never show emotion to just shove down and use it for fuel later. He never learned how to express or truly even understand the emotions he was feeling. He grew into a young man and volunteered for the Army at 18.
In the army Damien was once again the outsider with the normal rank and file as he missed important social cues due his lack of understanding the human condition. To escape this and find people more like himself he joined the rangers and Special Forces. He ran missions for three years with SF before black ops recruited him for his skills and lack of emotional discomfort. In black ops he specialized in up close and personal work. During this time Damien had reached a breaking point in his life. He could no longer go through life as he was and he no idea how to change who he was to become better. He began volunteering for the most dangerous missions he could find on the premise that in true combat one finds the truth about one’s self and all things, or the sweet release of death. He would run from battle to battle waiting to either find himself or death. He eventually found a balance to the turmoil within. He still doesn’t fully understand how to deal with or comprehend the emotions he feels, but he knows now that he can’t just bury them like they don’t exist either. Shortly after his epiphany on the battle field he was approached by command asking him if would volunteer for an experimental vaccine trail that had the potential to save soldiers lives in the future. He agreed to the program.
The program turned out to be a series of injunctions and evaluation procedures. The procedures and evaluations were always done with the soldiers being unconscious for their safety and comfort. Shortly after the treatments began Damien started to notice some changes in him and the others in the program. At first it wasn’t anything that noticeable just the odd comment or two and the occasional time or two of being able to do something that had previously been beyond him. Soon after he became continuously hungry, and no amount of food he ate would abate the hunger. He informed the doctors of what was going on they ran some more tests. Shortly thereafter they began giving all the participants a vitamin and protein supplement to offset the hunger. For a time all was well Damien and the other recruits grew in all physical capacities and the supplement seemed to curb if not fully abate the hunger. Damien took a midnight run evening as he just had too much energy to sleep. He was running by the medical building when he heard screams coming from within. He went to investigate and found that the doctors and staff were draining people of their blood and storing it in the supplement containers. Damien was able to slip away unnoticed and began to plan for his escape, but first he needed to know what they had done to him. Damien began to quietly and quickly gather as much intel on what exactly they had done to him and the others. He found that they had been attempting to transfuse his DNA with foreign material to attempt to create a super soldier. The procedures had left him and the others with a need for human blood. He began to secretly dispose of his supplement and learn to deal with the hunger as best he could. When he felt he had his hunger under control and his time was running out he made his escaped.
After his escape from the compound he decided that he needed a place to disappear. He decided on New Orleans as it was still recovering from Katrina and had always been a place that people could vanish into. He was somewhere in Oklahoma or Arkansas when he came across a group of people in chains being led by some thugs in ridiculous monster costumes. Without a moment’s thought or hesitation he leapt into action and went to save the people. After the fight was over and the people were safe Damien realized that was probably not the smartest thing for him to do as he was wanted man, but he couldn’t deny that it had felt really good to save those people. He didn’t stick around for thanks or to meet local law enforcement, he instead continued on his way to New Orleans.
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